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MS1 is the Official Dealer and Service Point in the UAE of Amare Group – a company specialized in the production of marine glazing systems, portholes, gangways and hydraulic lifting systems. Founded in 2013, the company is based in Italy – Modena and proud representatives of “Made in Italy” design and quality. Being specialized in Steel and Glass processing services, the company established strong collaborations with mechanical product and kinematics manufacturers in the luxury boat market. Amare Group is noted for its meticulous attention to detail and as one of the industry’s leading innovators.

Amare specialize in watertight doors for engine rooms, a range of portholes comprising over 50 models, the hydraulic gangway designed for mega yachts, sliding glass doors, and infinity windows with invisible portholes.

Amare’s industrial production is complemented with a handcrafted prototype department, which allows for extremely high product customization quality. Amare works with the customer from the design process forward to ensure that the intended concept is realized and certified.