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Founded in 2003, the company is based in California, Maryland, where they manufacture all their products. Seakeeper's cutting-edge technology transforms the boating experience by eliminating up to 95% of all boat roll - the rocking motion that causes nausea, exhaustion, and anxiety.

ElectroSea is a US-based company manufacturing a unique descaling solution for the prevention of marine growth in a boat’s seawater pipes. The technology patented by ElectroSea uses low-voltage electricity to create an environment where barnacles, biofilm, algae and marine growth cannot live.

H+B Technics is one of the leading companies designing and manufacturing platform lift systems for retrofitting various hull designs. Established in 1995, they are are based in Westphalia, Germany, where they also manufacture all their products. Their knowledge and expertise have established them as specialists in custom-made solutions for yachts and boats.

Ocean LED is a UK-based company that pioneered the maritime LED revolution in 2005 and continues to influence how boat owners light up the night to this day.

Amare Group is a company specialized in the production of marine glazing systems, portholes, gangways and hydraulic lifting systems. Being specialized in Steel and Glass processing services, the company established strong collaborations with mechanical product and kinematics manufacturers in the luxury boat market.

Based in Europe, Rakicevic Nautical Anodes has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Cacak, Serbia. With over 150 products in their portfolio, they are the preferred supplier of anodes for the boat industry – be it zinc, magnesium or aluminum anodes.

Mase Generators – a global leader involved in electric power generation. Founded in 1970, the company is based in Cesena – Italy and in Fort Lauderdale – USA. They were the first manufacturers of marine generators which was what propelled them into the position of being leaders in the industry.

Opacmare is a global leader of components and accessories for Yachts and Super Yachts. With a history starting in 1995, Opacmare manufactures Step Ladders and Boarding Systems, Passerelles (Gang Ways), Lift Platforms and Transformer Platforms, Cranes, Davits, Drop Balconies, Patio Doors, Popout Doors, Watertight Doors to name a few.

TopSystem is a leading Italian company in the manufacturing of surface drives for fast crafts. They innovate the market by combining the technical advantages of this type of propulsion (reduced drag, more efficient use of power) with ease of use and control.

Fluiten is an Italy-based company at the forefront of the design and manufacture of mechanical seals for rotating shafts since its foundation in 1962. Fluiten is the only company in the sector which manufactures all of its products in Italy with a cutting-edge fleet of machinery and CAM-CAD devices which always guarantee quality and flexibility. Fluiten specializes in the production of mechanical seals with maximum strength and reliability to avoid catastrophic failure at sea.

Vitrifrigo is a well-established Italian company specializing in refrigeration and air conditioning systems for yachts, including freezers, cooling units, mini bars, wine cellars, ice makers, heaters, air conditioning systems, and safes. A stylish personality is one of the outstanding features of the whole range of Vitrifrigo refrigerators and cooling units, which offer solutions to meet any need and are always flexible enough to fit naturally into any setting.