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The Right Solution for Any Yacht


MS1 offers a comprehensive servicing of Gangways starting from annual maintenance (flushing the oil, checking the belts, testing the cilinders and calibration of the sensors) to replacing seals and hydraulic hoses, servicing the power pack and replacing the belts, among other services.

Lift Systems & Garage Doors

MS1 covers all servicing operations associated with these systems, including annual maintenance (changing the oil, checking the cylinder seals, calibration of the sensors), replacing hydraulic hoses, servicing the power pack and its cylinders, load testing and customized teak flooring.

Doors & Hatches

MS1 covers all services including checking and rectifying the alignment, replacing gears or chains and flushing the hydraulic systems. MS1 additionally supplies new parts for any yacht size and brand and is an Authorized Dealer and Service Point in the UAE for Opacmare.

Electrical Systems

The MS1 team provides servicing for the Electrical Systems of any yacht brand and size, including new installations, trouble shooting the electrical faults, automations, dressing up the wirings or PLC works, to name a few services.

Decking & Carpentry

MS1 offers complete decking solutions and services, including: sourcing, fabrication, removal, installation, lamination and veneer pressing. Our expert carpenters can also restore other wooden elements – like mahogany tables, doors and frames installations or laying parquet.


MS1 offers complete upholstery services, including: exterior and interior cushion covers, replacement of the bimini covers or windshield covers, installation of fabrics on the walls and ceiling.


MS1 is an expert in Anti-Fouling, with a reputation in the market for using only the best materials, applying the maximum number of coats required by the job and for the manual application of the paints for maximum coverage.

Gyro Stabilization

MS1 covers all the services related to Gyrostabilizers, including: annual servicing (replace oil and coolant, checking the sensors, checking the brakes), trouble shooting the faults, retrofit.

Water Treatment

MS1 offers service works for any known solutions for water purification, including Hydromar and HP: annual maintenance (changing the filters, flushing the system with chemicals and cleaning, replacing membranes), overall high-pressure pump, changing oil.

A/C Works

MS1 offers a number of A/C works, including Annual Maintenance (descaling of marine growth, top up of freon) for all kind of units: chiller, self-contained, etc. or trouble shooting. Our team also does maintenance for heavy duty refrigerators and installation of the new units.

Audio Systems

MS1 performs a number of upgrades and installations of Audio Systems on both new and older yacht models, with technicians experienced in working with all major brands, including Fusion, JL Audio, Yamaha.

Interior Refit

MS1 covers a wide range of services, including: modification of the panels, fabrication of the furniture, flooring, upholstery.


MS1 is one of the most reputable players in the market for yacht painting. We do all kind of hull and structural painting, including metallic and non-metallic. With a rich portfolio of yachts using metallic paint (e.g. Pershing, Sessa Yachts, Riva, Azimut), our team has very high expertise with this type of work.


MS1 has the skill and expertise to do engine overhauls (opening the engine into pieces and rebuilding it again) for all OEM brands: Weber, Rotax, MAN, Volvo, Belassi etc. The services cover all requirements including commissioning and testing.


MS1 offers all kind of servicing for the generators of a yacht, including Annual Maintenance (changing oil, changing gasket, replacing filters), checking the parameters of the governer, troubleshooting. Our team can also do installation and refits of new yacht generators.


MS1 is the Official Dealer and Service Point of TopSystem Transmission in the region. We have qualified technicians who are licensed to overhaul TopSystem Drives. Our team is also qualified to do servicing on ZF and Twin Disc.

Lighting Solutions

MS1 is the Official Dealer and Service Point for Ocean LED – one of the major brands preferred by shipbuilders all around the world, and fitted on all super-yachts. Our team does repairs, refits, warranty claims for lights.

Boat Signs

MS1 deals with Local Manufacturers and international suppliers, offering to clients a diverse portfolio of solutions and prices. The MS1 team does all kind of installations, troubleshooting, design or automation for yacht signages.

Yacht Wrapping

MS1 is the only yachts service company offering this service in the region. Our team can conduct precise and fast application of the high-tech wrap on any type or size of watercraft, without compromising coverage and quality. Our yacht wrapping services include paint protection, exterior wrapping, interior wrapping, custom graphics, thermal tinting, and privacy.