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MS1 is the Official Dealer and Service Point in the UAE for ElectroSea – a US-based company manufacturing a unique descaling solution for the prevention of marine growth in a boat’s seawater pipes. The technology patented by ElectroSea uses low-voltage electricity to create an environment where barnacles, biofilm, algae and marine growth simply can’t live. This technological innovation is recommended for any yacht, as it eliminates the need to acid descale, reduces your strainers cleaning servicing and protects your investment.

ElectroSea specializes in Clearline, Clearline Control Unit, and ClearCell produts. Clear Line is an innovative vessel electro chlorination system that produces a safe and effective chlorine level to preserve raw water pipework. It prevents unexpected equipment failures and eliminates harmful acid descaling. Clear Cell and the Clear Line Control Unit work together to give a precise, safe, and effective low dose of chlorine. Real-time monitoring, dynamic chlorine correction based on seawater and cell conditions, and automatic pump switching are all features of the system. It is small, tough, and built to withstand extreme temperatures in engine rooms. The system is powered by the DC source onboard of the vessel. Clear Cell is a specialized seawater electro chlorinator with a long-lasting formula of rare earth coatings. Clear Cell is simply fitted into the seawater intake circuit of your vessel.

ElectroSeas’ objective is to produce goods that improve their customers’ time on the water through innovative design, great quality, and high value. It also acts as a resource for experts in the field of marine growth prevention systems. In serving their consumers, Electro Sea places a great importance on honesty, integrity, and trust.

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