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MS1 is the Exclusive Dealer and Service Point in the UAE for Fluiten – an Italy-based company at the forefront of the design and manufacture of mechanical seals for rotating shafts since its foundation in 1962. Fluiten specializes in the production of mechanical seals of incomparable reliability which ensure utmost safety in the water. Fluiten offers innovative and safe propeller shaft seals for marine use with maximum strength and reliability to avoid catastrophic failure at sea.

Fluiten designs and manufactures mechanical seals for various industries including the shipbuilding industry. They produce a complete range of seals for propeller shafts of boats with inboard engines which meet the severe technical requirements enforced by manufacturers and shipowners.

Fluiten’s mechanical seals for propeller shafts use materials that are resistant to corrosion and suited to high speeds. They are specifically developed to resolve sealing problems on propeller shafts of small, medium, and large boats, thrusters, and hydro-jets. The high corrosion-resistant materials also have mechanical characteristics to withstand strong vibrations and high axial movements.

Fluiten represents excellence in the field of mechanical seals intended for equipment with rotary shafts in various industries – to reduce and control emissions to the environment. All of its products stand out for constant innovation, high precision, and high quality. The search for advanced technical solutions guarantees the utmost reliability in the very heavy-duty applications necessary in the petrol, chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, food, water, and shipbuilding industries.

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