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MS1 is Official Dealer and Service Point in the UAE for Mase Generators – a global leader involved in electric power generation. Founded in 1970, the company is based in Cesena – Italy and in Fort Lauderdale – USA. Since its early days it has always been a pioneer in terms of development and innovation in the industry. They were the first manufacturers of marine generators which was what propelled them into the position of being leaders in the industry.

Mase Generators’ main point of focus is designing products with highly developed and sophisticated technologies. Focusing on Manufacturing of Welding, Power Generators and Lighting Towers, the company provides reliable products while also having a sustainable work ethos. Their generators are known for their compact sizes, minimum noise and low vibrations, as well as easy access for maintenance. 

Mase Generators success was realized because of their respect for their craft and the fact that they continuously strive to constantly innovate their products. The entire team at Mase Generators works with a great deal of passion and dedication which allows Mase Generators to produce the finest product while simultaneously paying a great deal of attention to the small details.

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