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MS1 is an Official Dealer and Service Point for Ocean LED – a UK-based company that pioneered the maritime LED revolution in 2005 and continues to influence how boat owners light up the night to this day. Ocean LED’s advanced technical achievements, industry recognition, and ongoing pursuit of perfection in the field of underwater lighting continue to inspire its customers, with projects at the world’s most renowned boat yards and boat builders, as well as a global dealer network. The present product line has a wide range of applications on board for boats of all sizes, from 3-meter RIBs to superyachts.

Every Ocean LED product line is unique, with electronic, thermal, and mechanical design done in-house. For each class and size of vessel, custom optics are produced across all of our ranges. Ocean Led divides its products into three categories:

Electronic Devices:

Adaptive firmware, EMC compliance, thermal management, achieved maximum power efficiency


Aesthetics and functionality, simulations of temperature, resistance to corrosion


Advanced beam control with high precision, optimal light penetration, reduced light loss

Ocean LED Colors make use of the most up to date 4-channel RGBW High-Definition LEDs available. Colors allows you to pre-program dynamic color scenes to set the mood, enhance an on-board event, or strobe to attract fish via DMX-512 through the vessel’s on-board equipment or wirelessly via third party devices (mobile devices). With the Ocean DMX App for Android and iOS, clients have complete control and flexibility over sensitivity, speed, and brightness to create any scene or light display they may want want. Clients can choose from static, cycle, or strobe modes. Alternatively, they can alter the color scheme with audio or wave modes.