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MS1 is an Official Dealer and Service Point in the UAE for Seakeeper – the global leader in marine stabilization. Founded in 2003, the company is based in California, Maryland, where they manufacture all their products. Seakeeper’s cutting-edge technology transforms the boating experience by eliminating up to 95% of all boat roll – the rocking motion that causes nausea, exhaustion, and anxiety. 

A Seakeeper, at its most basic level, generates thrust by rapidly spinning a flywheel inside its casing. The torque’s force is then transferred to the boat’s hull. Even when the boat would otherwise roll due to wave motion, the power of this application keeps it stationary.

What sets Seakeeper apart from other competitors is that their gyroscopes are mounted and operate in vacuum. That gives them the possibility to reach higher rotations and use a lighter system. As a result of this technology, the Seakeeper will also have a longer life, as there is no friction between the moving parts inside.

Seakeeper aims to create products that transform the boating experience with an organization that employees, customers, and vendors want to partner with. Their goal is to optimize the boating experience by providing solutions where the negative effects are minimized, and that clients can instead enjoy the unique benefits that yachting has to offer. 

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