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Top system

MS1 is Official Dealer and Service Point in the UAE for TopSystem – a leading company in the manufacturing of surface drives for fast crafts. They innovate the market by combining the technical advantages of this type of propulsion (reduced drag, more efficient use of power) with ease of use and control. Designed and produced in Italy, the TopSystem Surface Drive is ideal for designing high-performance motorboats with a range of characteristics previously unattainable, ranging from 300 to 4,000 horsepower. They are one of the few manufacturers of a drive system with variable trim and direction surface propellers.

It’s designed for maxi and super yachts that wish to achieve excellent performance while keeping expenses and weight low. The entire Top System drive system is made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel and is separated into three primary sections: drive, transom, and joint. The joint, called the Top System Joint, located at the heart of the drive, allows for a greater trim angle, and serves to support the equipment’s torsion. This function is produced by a trim cylinder in the main competitive systems of Top System which uses a spherical joint system.

Apart from fostering the development of pushing equipment for boats in the high-medium range, Top System has expanded its already extensive experience by creating an only trimmable drive configuration, known as TT, that provides for weight savings due to the absence of steering gear cylinders. The TS 150, the world’s largest surface propellers drive system in terms of motors up to 4000 Hp, is at the top of the Top System series.